Contract contributor, Los Angeles Business Journal: Style, Profiles, Features

Frequent contributor, Deadline Hollywood  (TV and Awards)

Frequent contributor, Los Angeles Times  (Arts, Travel)

Other publications:  Hollywood Dementia (Short stories about Hollywood), Hollywood Reporter, Angeleno and Ventura Blvd. magazines, 21CM Classical Music, Detroit Free Press, Deadline Detroit.


See dedicated page for my critically-acclaimed first novel Dark Lady of Hollywood.

The Elder Wisdom Circle Guide for a Meaningful Life, Penguin/Plume 2007

Book Cover: The Elder Wisdom Circle Guide for a Meaningful Life“Anyone looking for empathy and practical strategies for overcoming difficulties from those who have been there will profit from this light-hearted guide and be inspired to visit the Web site,”
Publishers Weekly

“This is an amazing and compelling book. The exchange of letters between elder sages and innocent seekers elevates common sense to the lyrical heights of wisdom. Better stuff on these pages on life’s familiar transitions and agonies than all those advice columns and self-help books. This is one for all seasons and all ages.”
Prof. Warren Bennis, University of Southern California
Author of On Becoming a Leader and co-author of Geeks & Geezers

Voice From The Planet, Harvard Square Editions, 2010, edited by Charles Degelman (contains an excerpt from my novel Dark Lady of Hollywood, a William Faulkner Creative Writing competition finalist (novel-in-progress category).

Book Cover: Voice From The Planet“Spanning continents and cultures, Voice From the Planet taps into an unacknowledged psyche – our literary world. An incongruous, gorgeous, eclectic mêlée that will open your eyes and mind to the huge potential amongst international authors.”
The Truth about Books