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EMMYS: Actors Leave Their Mark By Working From The Director’s Chair

Deadline Hollywood | August 12, 2014 | Diane Haithman

Tying the Knot
The answer is one of Hollywood’s oldest clichés: Ask an actor about career aspirations and you’ll get some variation of, “What I really want to do is direct.” Well, maybe they all don’t want to, but it certainly tops many an actor’s bucket list. The desire to move into the director’s chair seems to have become a natural progression for several series television performers. While some filmmakers—Woody Allen and David O. Russell among them—tend to return to the same crop of talent, an actor on a successful TV series has an unparalleled opportunity to develop an intimate connection with a creative team over the course of a long-lasting storyline. Read the Rest of this Story »

EMMYS: ‘Modern Family’s Chris Lloyd

Deadline Hollywood | June 13, 2011 | Diane Haithman

Photo: Christopher Lloyd with Steven Levitan

Christopher Lloyd with Steven Levitan

Christopher Lloyd is co-creator and co-showrunner with Steven Levitan (his Q&A here) of last year’s Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series, Modern Family. But Lloyd didn’t go onstage to accept the accolade. This recipient of eight Emmys for his work on comedy series including Frasier and The Golden Girls prefers to stay in the shadows and let his chatty partner bask in all the public limelight. Now, Lloyd breaks his silence and talks to Deadline TV Contributor Diane Haithman for an interview one TV publicist claimed was harder to nab than “a sitdown with Osama Bin Laden”: Read the Rest of this Story »

EMMYS: 10 Dramas Pick Best Episodes

Deadline Hollywood | June 23, 2011 | Diane Haithman

Drama series producers agonize over their selection of up to six episodes for 2011 Emmy nomination consideration. Here’s insight from Deadline TV Contributor Diane Haithman into why these particular episodes were thought to impress Emmy voters: Read the Rest of this Story »

Author Michael Connelly vs Paramount:
How Harry Bosch Was Rescued From
Hollywood Development Hell

Deadline Hollywood | December 17, 2010| Diane Haithman

Photo: Author Michael ConnellyStories about rights-holders fall into two categories: either they’re the bully or the victim. Until recently, crime novelist Michael Connelly fell into the latter category. Michael Connelly finally has back his Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch character which appears in 15 of his 22 books. Harry Bosch is a brooding Los Angeles Police Department detective named, appropriately, after an early Dutch painter known for his eccentric visions of hell. And since 1995, Bosch has been in Hollywood development hell. Read the Rest of this Story »

Fetching work in Hollywood


Heidi (credit Otis & Lucy Photography)

LOS ANGELES TIMES | April 08, 2009 | Diane Haithman

In L.A., the myth that everyone is waiting to be discovered just won’t die, fueled perhaps by the remote possibility that a casting director will one day walk into a Pinkberry and tap the guy behind the counter to portray, with moving realism, the guy behind a Pinkberry counter. Read the Rest of this Story »

‘Dude’ has L.A. on a string

Gustavo Dudamel doesn’t take the helm of the Philharmonic until 2009, but he’s already a sensation.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | April 06, 2008 | Diane Haithman

Photo: Dudamel GustavoOn Friday, for the first time ever, the Los Angeles Philharmonic could boast a sellout crowd for an installment of its “Casual Fridays” concert series at Walt Disney Concert Hall — and the appeal was not just the chance to see a cellist or a tuba player wearing blue jeans instead of black tie. Read the Rest of this Story »


A wuv affair with arias

Aiming for elegance or playing against it, pop culture has found the high emotion inherent in opera too tempting to pass up. Whether it’s a wabbit mangling Wagner or Beyonce belting out Bizet, it brings lofty music down to earth.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | December 04, 2005 | Diane Haithman

Bugs Bunny OperaIt seeps into your system like some kind of musical secondary smoke: Unless you grew up in another country — or perhaps on another planet — you probably first absorbed some of opera’s most famous arias not in an opera house, but from pop culture.
And now, when you actually go to the opera, you can’t get that first listening experience out of your mind — no matter how lowbrow the source or how long ago it occurred. Read the Rest of this Story »


What ‘Friends’ is for

His TV job as nice-guy Ross allows David Schwimmer the freedom to play a Hollywood sleazeball in ‘Turnaround,’ a collaboration with some real pals.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | January 19, 2003 | Diane Haithman

Photo: David SchwimmerDavid Schwimmer is describing an awkward moment that occurred during a recent rehearsal for “Turnaround” at the Coast Playhouse and the creative suggestion that co-star Jonathan Silverman made on how to break the ice. Read the Rest of this Story »

Gehry, Fund-Raisers Face Showdown on Disney Hall

Culture: Forces of art and finance seek to resolve clash over completing designer’s vision of facility.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | June 05, 1997 | Diane Haithman

The worlds of art and money often collide explosively–and in no discipline do they do so with more public impact than in the world of architecture, where form, function and funding struggle to co-exist.

Photo: Walt Disney Concert HallLos Angeles architects say the battle remains fierce and ongoing. And downtown’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, the planned new home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, has become that battle’s most visible example–as its design architect, Frank O. Gehry, threatens to withdraw his involvement with the project because of disagreements over who should proceed with architectural and building plans. In a letter to powerhouse business leader and arts patron Eli Broad last Friday, Gehry said he could not continue with the project under the guidelines set up by Disney Hall officials, saying his work was only 75% done. Read the Rest of this Story »


The off side of Berlin

LOS ANGELES TIMES | April 11, 2014 | Diane Haithman

Remnant of Berlin Wall

Remnant of Berlin Wall

My husband, Alan, and I were on our way from L.A. to Budapest, Hungary — our first trip to Eastern Europe. We had to change planes somewhere, and that somewhere happened to be Berlin, a frequent hub for travel to Northern and Eastern European destinations.
We had heard that Berlin was an up-and-coming artists’ community, often compared with L.A. Instead of sentencing ourselves to a long layover at the airport, we decided to spend a long weekend in Berlin.
We expected three days of prowling contemporary art galleries mixed with sobering visits to historical sites (the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a glimpse of where the Berlin Wall once stood). Maybe a little beer, bratwurst and strudel thrown in for good measure. Read the Rest of this Story »

Exterior Kauf dich Guchlich

Exterior Kauf dich Guchlich

Waffle with Custard and Strawberries

Waffle with Custard and Strawberries

Mushrooms and murals put Hungarian Gypsies on the map

Fresco Village Project strives to assist impoverished Roma villagers by decorating their tiny town with art from Roma artists across Europe.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | February 21, 2014 | Diane Haithman

Magda Ruznyak BODVALENKE, Hungary — I’m not sure what I expected to bring back from an eight-day luxury tour of Budapest, Hungary, and environs. Memories, photos of Art Nouveau architecture, a few extra pastry-induced pounds and a lifetime supply of sweet paprika, maybe.
I never thought I’d find myself, just a month later, Skyping at 7 a.m. about a storm that had recently hit the village of Bodvalenke, about 150 miles northeast of Budapest, not far from the Slovakian border. Hailstones the size of walnuts had caused flooding and decimated the natural vegetation and local crops, one of the village’s few sources of income. Read the Rest of this Story »

János Gyerekkel Fest

János Gyerekkel Fest

Bodvalenke Main Road

Bodvalenke Main Road

They’re just like family, only hairier

At Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains park,
`chimpers’ get to know the local clan on a first-name basis.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | July 16, 2006 | Diane Haithman

Photo: Baby ChimpMahale, Tanzania — At age 16, Orion is a handsome chimpanzee, a primate hottie. Despite his status as a creature of the wild, his glossy black coat looks as if it were combed and fluffed by a personal groomer. It gleams in morning sunlight filtering through towering forest trees. Read the Rest of this Story »